There have been 2 main areas of concern, namely

1) the feedback on the images which are submitted
2) the scoring and allocation of prizes

  • Section 1

  • Section 2

  • Before we start with comments on this point we would like to once again just clarify how our current system works as we believe that there is a little confusion in this area. Having said this, we would like to say that we are open to any suggestions that will better and improve the system as it currently is.
    • - Each member is awarded a star grading from a 10 photo portfolio which is submitted for judging (or previous club or PSSA notification in writing).
    • - Only the Gold, Silver or Bronze award that is given is affected by this grading and not the actual score given.
    • - The score which is received when the photo is judged is given based on a formula that we find has worked extremely well over the past year or so, namely I (impact) T (technical) C (creativity). Each category get a score of 1-5 making the maximum score per photo =15. For a 4/5 star to get a GOLD they will need to score a minimum 12 points whereas a 3 star will need to score a minimum of 11 and a 2 star a minimum of 10
    • - For that reason we do not base the main prizes at year end on the number to golds, (other than the one for the most golds), but rather on the score.
    • - With this in mind, it then stands to reason that the photographers who have been totally committed throughout the year, and submitted the required number of photos for each months theme as well as open, will stand a really good chance of winning any of the prizes that are up for grabs at the year end function.