Grading Info

Grading system information for GBPC members.

With the implementation of an image grading system at GBPC there is a process we need to go through to:

  1. make sure all existing club members are graded.
  2. system for new members to be graded who come from other graded clubs.
  3. ongoing grading system to be implemented.
  4. members to be taught on how to upload images online.
  5. Understand the grading of images and how to learn from it to become better photographers.

As the process rolls out, we will learn more about how it works and see what works for all of us.
We realise we will probably not get it right all the time, but I am sure we will support one another during the process.

Getting us all graded

This is the first step and needs to be implemented immediately¬†as it involves everyone’s input who wants to be graded.

(NOTE: if you are not interested in being graded you are welcome to stay as you are and still as a member submit your images, they will be judged and you can get some good feedback. You will then be allocated a 1 Star.)

The process to be graded will be as follows, please take note of the dates:

  • A grading committee has been established from GBPC club members (Riaan, Marc, Jane, Robert & Hugh-Daniel).
  • 10 images to be submitted by each member to this committee.
  • Images to be submitted in digital or printed format.
  • Images can be on any subject but must NOT be older than January 2013.
  • 10 image portfolio to be submitted by 22 April 2016.
  • Images will be graded by 01 May 2016 and announced.

How will this all work going forward?

The process which is used by many similar clubs is as follows:

  • Images are uploaded by the member (that’s you ūüėČ )to an online website called¬†
  • We will create a GBPC club on this site, a place for all our images to be loaded to.
  • a few days before the theme evening, (a cut off day), we will download these images.
  • we will also download a sheet into our own software from this site
  • with the images referenced to the sheet we know whose images each one is and the star rating etc.
  • with the software we have acquired, we can view each images and give each image a score from 1 to 15 (this will be done by our in house or guest judges)
  • depending on the star rating of the author an award is given, so for example a 1 star needs a score of 9 and above to get a gold award, but a 3 star needs a score of 11 or¬†more out of 15 to get a gold award.